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The Bergen Museum of Art & Science
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The Bergen Museum of Art & Science is proud to announce that we are the recent recipients of a Puffin Foundation Grant for the Arts.  Once again, we want to thank the Puffin Foundation for making this possible.        

Please Visit our new web site located at  www.bergenmuseum.com

It is currently a work-in-progress but is a more modern and updated visual web site with social media integration. In addition, we will soon have a gallery of our private art collection and notices of future media events, galley openings and shows for 2015. Stay tuned!

Arts Build Communities

The Bergen Museum of Art & Science has enriched community cultural capital since 1956 through art exhibits, science expositions, educational and outreach programs. We strive to promote community partnerships.

"In addition to its role in stimulating creativity, a museum can serve as a stimulus for local economic activity because as an attraction it draws individuals to a community… Museums also attract creative individuals to a community, and these individuals can have a profound economic impact. Such individuals can provide a boost to regional tourism or make a lasting impact by relocating to the community more permanently." (Economic Impact Analysis of Cultural Institutions M. Halsey). BMAS continues to enrich the community’s cultural capital by engaging significant parts of society in its ongoing exhibits, outreach and educational programs. These hold intrinsic value and with its programs enrich community cultural capital regardless of social status. The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) recognizes the importance of regional culture and regional art. Their vision is "a democratic society where communities and individuals thrive with broad public access to knowledge, cultural heritage, lifelong learning."

Information on collaborations for tourists and development contact Dorothy Nicklus 201-679-5700. For information on the Alexander Knapp Mural contact Dr. Waldron at 201-618-3077 or jwaldron007@verizon.net

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The museum is looking to place our mural by Stefan Knapp (see above photo, right) on a building large enough to display this famous mural which originally was on the side of Alexander's building on Route4 in Paramus. We are looking at potential buildings within the new Dream Mall that is coming soon to the Meadowlands.This mural was highlighted in a recent issue of New Jersey magazine and is valued at over $1,000,000. The mural was highlighted recently in the Bergen Record  and again in 201 Magazine

Real estate developers or building owners in Bergen Country or North Jersey that are interested in presenting modern and classical art and cultural ideas to the community and could benefit by having such a masterpiece as a visual 'advertisement', please contact Dr. James Waldron .

Apart from exhibiting paintings and sculptures, we plan to have student art classes, summer art camp, science & math camp, chess classes, etc,. We will also showcase our Mastodon collection and our large collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Board of Directors:  We recently added, Anne Marie Ayala-secretary and Kyra Bovenschulte Graphic Artist /Designer

 To see our new virtual art exhibits please visit us here: https://www.pinterest.com/bergenmuseum

To see a list of previous exhibits and photos from past summer art festivals, use the menu on the upper left.

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Rene Fressola, one of our featured artist, has paintings on view at various galleries to be announced. Rene was curator of our NEW & NOW exhibit held at the Flyway Gallery in the Meadowlands in 2012 and also curator for NEW & NOW II Exhibit held at Bergen PAC in August of 2014

Hey, But I didn't say that

 History of Mental Breakdown




Recent Past Activities

bulletLife-time Achievement Award and Dinner honoring Perry and Gladys Rosenstein of the Puffin Foundation
bulletNew and Now: Emerging Artists Exhibit: summer of 2012 at the Flyway Gallery the meadowlands https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.475920819100765.124668.402209309805250&type=3


Alan Rand: One-man photo exhibit coming to Bergen Pac this fall Alan Rand, a photographer extraordinaire, has his finger on the pulse of the downtown New York City Club scene. Some of his recent work include artists such as Cyndi Dawson, front woman for the Cynz and Joey Kelly (Co-Writer & Producer For Buddy Love, All Mobbed Up & Joey Kelly All Stars). Visit his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alan.rand#!/alan.rand.12?fref=ts



  Stefan Knapp is best known for his vibrant enamel murals which can be seen in a large number of museums and public buildings throughout the world. The Bergen Museum plans to display his work soon in Bergen County.

Stefan Knapp was a 20th century artist with great vision, a keen sense of color and design, and an innovator driven with boundless energy.  He broke traditional boundaries and took the medium of enameling on metal to places it had never been before, and to some extent, since.  His enameled mural (above) for Alexander's Department store in Paramus, New Jersey was considered the world's largest painting in 1960.  Imagine an enamel mural 200 feel long and 50 feel high!  Few artists have impacted the medium of enameling on metal as Stefan Knapp did.
Knapp is pictured above  creating the famous "Alexander" mural in an airplane hanger in England.

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