How to configure linksys befsr81 router on 192.168.l.l

1 Set-Up

The cable that comes from the ISP is plugged into the port labeled Internet on your router. Then connect another cable from the router to one of the ports marked (1-8) and the other end to a computer’s Ethernet port and ensure that the router is powered on.

2 Login

Open up your browser to access the web-based utility and type on the address bar the router’s default IP address that is 192.168.l.l IP. By default, a popup will appear prompting for username and password. The credentials for Linksys befsr81 router by default are; username field should be blank, and the default password is admin.

3 Basic Set-up

Under 192.168.l.l is the basic setup screen by default. The Internet Setup section configures the router to connect to the internet. Select the type of internet connection that the ISP you are connecting to offers and ask for the relevant credentials. The available models are (Obtain IP automatically, static IP, PPPoE, RAS, PPTP, Heart Beat Signal and L2TP).

4. Network Setup

The configuration for your router on your local area network(LAN). The default router IP address locally are IP 192.168.l.254 and 192.168.l.l. If you wish to change it to something else for some reason, then you do it on the router IP.

5. Configuring DHCP Connections on your network

A DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to computers connected to your network. If you want this service, Click on enable.

6. Accessing the router from any device

After configuring the above, any device that is connected to that network can access the router on this 192.168.l.l IP address.